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Better late than never, right?  Here is the “Friday” post:)

1. John and I celebrated 7 years of being one last Monday. I say one because I’ve always told him that he was the one missing piece in my life. He is an awesome, awesome, awesome man and I thank God everyday for giving me the best friend I never had. John is an amazing friend, husband and father. I could go on and on and on about him, but the one thing that keeps me in love is the simplicity of his heart.

2. I am holding on to 2 and a half for as long as possible! You know how kids always say their age with quarters and halves? Well, I am the one holding on to those right now. I never imaged seeing my baby Micah grow up would be so hard. I can’t tell him that he’s my baby because he doesn’t quite understand that he can be my baby AND a big boy at the same time.

3. A little dirt doesn’t scare me. I’ve been known to allow encourage my child to jump in puddles and play with dirt. Playing with dolls was okay, but I really enjoyed playing in the dirt…ask my mom!

4. Charlie went to the vet and in one year he put on 8 pounds! yes, there’s a toddler in the house. So that brings his total weight gain from time of Micah’s birth to 15 lbs. He’s on a diet…again.

5. Spring cleaning and freshening up is in full swing at our house. There’s a fresh coat of paint going up on the walls and we are trying something new with the floors. I’ll share once everything is painted.

And of course something from our week…we enjoyed a nice sunny and warm (although not warm enough for me, give me some 80’s) afternoon at the park:
berks county portraits

berks county portraits

can I?berks county portraits

berks county portraits

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