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I’m getting an early start to my day and it feels pretty good beating my child out of bed–now that is new for me!  A few minutes shy of 7 am and I’ve gotten a few important things completed already.

So my random thoughts from the week:

1. I’ve discovered in this last week that (for me) coffee is like hot dogs.  It smells so wonderful when it is brewing but when I drink it I’m left disappointed, dissatisfied, and wishing I hadn’t drank it.  While the caffeine rush is nice to get the day going, the sluggishness that it leaves later in the morning and day isn’t worth it to me anymore.  My cup of coffee has been replaced by tea or a nice tall glass of orange juice.  And we are particular about our OJ, only Florida’s Natural, the best!

2.Hard-boiled eggs make my stomach turn.  The smell turns my face green.  I can’t believe my grandmother would feed me two a day when I was a preschooler. Yuck!  I think I passed the strong dislike over to Micah because he can’t come near cooked eggs without gagging.

3. Completing the census recently gave me a little identity crisis for a bit.  I still don’t get why Hispanic is not treated as a race and  Hispanics are asked to choose a race in addition to being Hispanic.  Well, last time I checked I’m none of the above, but that’s not an option.  And writing in “other”, well, what would that other be?  And then choosing for my child, well, that was hard too….does he have Hispanic origins or is he just “White”?  Maybe the money spent on the Census should go to pay off our country’s outrageous debt…I don’t ::get:: why race needs to be part of counting the people, nor do I care to ::get:: it:)

4. Last year I read one book.  Yes, 1.  Pretty pathetic for someone that loves to read.  This year I decided that I want to read at least 10 books (one down, another half way).  So where do I go to get my books?  The Reading or Wyomissing Public Library? Nah.  Bookstore? Nope.  I just go down the road about a mile and a half and “shop” at my parents house.  I find it amusing that there are so many books in that house that I could read and not pay for a single book for some years to come.  Currently reading “I Dare You” by Joyce Meyers with a few other books on deck.

5. Writing down my “to-do” list after becoming a mom has become a necessity.  I love writing down what I need to get done and then crossing it off my list.  It gives such a sense of accomplishment.  Well, when you find that there are 3 different running lists of things to get done and only one thing off one list got done…sense of accomplishment? Not so much.  I have started just humoring myself and writing down things that I’ve just finished doing that weren’t initially on the list just so I can cross them off.  Honestly, if anything, it makes me laugh at myself each time.  And laughter is good for the soul.

I wish everyone a wonderful and joyous Easter weekend celebrating with family and friends.  I leave you with this cutie pie that I got to see again a couple of weekends ago.

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maxApril 29, 2010 - 1:10 am

Hi, I wholeheartedly agree on the census bit. Although they want to “accurately” be able to distribute the fundage, the amount they spend to “accurately” obtain the ability to distribute it is shocking.

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