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I bet lots of you are excited that it’s Friday and so am I!  After a stressful start to my week, I am ready to brag on the guys in my life 🙂  I know you moms out there are looking forward to being honored on Sunday.  It’s our day to say “I’m queen for the day!”  Before I get to do that though, I want to just share some random thoughts about John and Micah.  These guys bring so much joy into my life.  They are such a part of me that I don’t remember what life was like without them.

Perhaps this image is nothing close to being perfect, but this is exactly what my guys are like.  John is always such a prepared dad, packing up all of Micah’s toys for the playground and bringing in toe the huge duffel bag that contains them.  Micah is always playful and happy and kind.   Without John I would not be half the mother that I am to Micah.  John is a strong pillar in our family and he is the one that keeps our family going, he’s the one that picks up my slack when I’m overwhelmed with being a mom, a photographer, a counselor, daughter, sister….I have tears in my eyes as I type this because I recognize how special he makes me feel on a daily basis.  I don’t ever need a Valentine’s day or a Mother’s day or a birthday to feel special. All I need to do is sit quietly for a few seconds at the end of the day and recognize all the little things that my husband does to honor me as a wife and mother.  I can’t take credit for Micah’s beautiful teethy smile.  He gets it from his dad.   And Micah gets his kind and loving heart from his dad. While I’m sure I have my influence in who Micah is, I know that God gave him those beautiful personality traits from his dad because He knows exactly what I need in my life. Micah has even started picking flowers for me…can’t get any sweeter than that at 2 years of age.

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Happy Mother’s day!  I hope you are all treated like the royalty that you are…every day.



MariMay 7, 2010 - 8:52 pm

Like this. feliz dia special girl. Love you.

JohnMay 8, 2010 - 9:30 pm

My queen, I love you so much. You brought tears to my eyes as I read your post above. Everyday with you is a special day.

Jennifer CardinalJune 7, 2010 - 10:18 pm

Your photography is absolutely breathtaking and your comments about John and Micah are truly a blessing! Thank God for strong Christian men leading Christian families.

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