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Oh what a fall we had!  I normally like sharing about my family and personal happenings throughout the year in between all those gorgeous babies and family portrait sessions, but I must say, this past fall got a little away from me.  It’s been for good reasons that I have not shared much.  This past fall two of my siblings got married within two weeks of each other.  Talk about excitement!  I am very happy that tomorrow I get to celebrate Christmas with two new siblings.  In between those two weddings, John and I found out that we are expecting a baby (coming June 2011)!  We are just beyond excited that our own little family is growing from three to four (or four to five if you count the dog).  I have been anxious to share the news with all of my clients and blog readers but the announcement had to wait thanks to some lack of energy and not-so-lovely morning sickness (that has lingered beyond the first trimester).  I have to give a huge thanks to my fall clients who were in the know–it is hard to hide the need to suck a lemon or spit half way through a session–and were absolutely excited for my family.  I was very humbled by your kindness and excitement.

This Christmas season we have so much to celebrate!  I am very thankful to the Guy Above for the wonderful family and friends that He has given me, for the miracle of life, and for the simple things that bring pleasure (like sitting in pj’s at twelve noon on Christmas Eve while blogging).  As you spend time with your family in the coming days, don’t forget to stop and truly take in the joy that each person brings you, and recognize they are not in your life by mere chance.  I wish you all a wonderful day filled with Love, Peace, and Joy.

I can’t close this post without sharing some images…here is a recent favorite of my little guy (can’t believe he is 3 already) and some of my orchids currently in bloom.

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