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berks county pa family photographer | costa rica pt3

In my last post I promised one final part to the missions trip to Costa Rica in which I took part last month. Well, going through my photos I decided that part 4 would be a must. Our trip was broken up into two different areas of ministry. The first part was in the jungle and the second part was in the city. Halfway through our trip we had our free that allowed many of us to face fears (we rappelled a 360-foot mountain, hiked through a canyon, jumped off a gravity swing/free fall with a 40-foot drop, and slid down a 1450+ foot water slide) and also reflect on our work with the people in the jungle. At this point of our trip we were feeling very bonded together, yet God showed up during our family time that evening. Our family time each night consisted of encouraging each other going one by one selecting our hero of the day and then sharing our God moments from that day. Friday night was a night where God’s presence was with us in a powerful way. He interrupted our evening to bless us in a mighty way. We were able to go out Saturday morning with a new momentum, new energy and power, to minister to the children and family’s of San Jose.

We showed up to the reserved tennis court where we would be setting up our VBS day only to find that it had been double booked leaving us with a dirt opening at the top of the hill in the neighborhood. The ones that had made it down the steep hill, climbed back up, no complaints, and we set up in the open area at the top of the hill. Activities continued as planned. I found it to be a rewarding yet challenging day. Challenging because it was hard to say, “no, we don’t have more…” It’s hard to say no when you just want to love on kids yet you can’t give them more of what they want–more snacks, more polaroid family photos, more candy, more bubbles, more balloons. It was rewarding to see the children smiling, dancing, and answering correctly to questions about Biblical truths. While these children might be living in poverty, they were hiding God’s truth in their hearts. My hope for them rests in knowing that the truth in their heart will bear good fruit. God’s power surpasses all understanding and can meet all need. We will one day see how far the seeds that we planted in little hearts went in this lifetime. It’s reassuring knowing that we worked with a church with an amazing vision to see children succeed and grow in the love of Christ. I know that the children who will now go to that church because of our outreach will be blessed beyond measure and will receive the teaching that they need to fulfill the plan that God has for each of their lives.

Some highlights that come to mind from watching this slideshow:

  • seeing a boy climbing up in a tree so he could get a better view, just like Zacchaeus 🙂
  • watching my CRamily ministering with a new boldness, fully empowered by the Holy Spirit
  • watching the creative minds of our youth working together and writing a new skit for our evening service…they wrote it and learned their roles in less than an hour. Then watching them perform it–it was powerful!
  • listening to my friend Will give his testimony with confidence knowing what Christ has done in his life
  • dancing with all the children during the Sunday service
  • hanging out in the snack room, getting to see the kids enjoying treats
  • women’s afternoon coffee and chat…and the prayers that followed
  • a new roof over the restrooms at the church constructed by the men on our team

I’ll be sharing one final post on the last two days of our trip. Specifically, I’ll be sharing about our time at two orphanages and some information on human trafficking and sex tourism.


Patricia FritzAugust 12, 2013 - 11:35 am

Candy Fritz is my very close friend, & family. As you know she was apart of that amazing blessing. So I know many of the stories that happened, but I must say that your photography tells so much more. From the eyes & the smiles on the childrens faces, to the tears & striff on the faces of the mothers. What an amazing trip, but more then that the awaking to the lives that are being transformed to the LOVE & COMPASSION of our FATHER.
Your pictures tell the story to others & shed such light on the good the bad & the very ugly truth to what is sex trafficking.
My hope is that it inspires many of us to look, feel, & most of all HELP. I know that I personallyhave been shocked & enlightened to want to be apart in how ever I can.
God Bless ALL that was apart of this trip.And Thank You for bringing those beautiful faces to the masses.

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