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As my head sinks into my pillow at night, I often find myself having a mental replay of my day. What often comes to mind is the moments where I failed.

The moment when I got upset with my two year old for deciding to cover her arms in paint. I should’ve praised her artistic endeavor instead of focusing on the mess.

The moment I got frustrated with my six year old because he was not sitting properly at the table while doing his school work. I should’ve praised him for his neat handwriting even though he was practically falling out of his chair.

The moment I yelled about the mess of water on the floor from the kids “putting out a fire” with the firetruck hose. I should’ve praised them for playing like best friends.

A quick prayer of forgiveness for myself and a request for strength to do it again tomorrow is usually enough to go into deep slumber. Besides, there’s not much energy left in my body to do anything else but sleep!

How often do we focus on what we could have done better? How often do we feel like we are not enough? I do find myself saying (aloud at that!) that there’s just not enough of me to properly satisfy my family’s emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

Thankfully, a quiet morning devotional is the best medicine for my negative, self-defeating thoughts.

And then there’s all the people that love me and encourage me that keeps me going.

A couple of days ago I chatted with a dear friend about the lack of celebration in our lives. Most days I’m so focused on where I’m going, who I want my children to be (not to be confused with what they will do), and all the work required to get there. The journey can get so messy and it’s easier to keep looking ahead.

But it’s just as equally important to look back and see how far we have come and celebrate the victories we’ve had along the way. I’ve arrived at this Mother’s Day with a different perspective.

Today let’s proudly celebrate all of our accomplishments as mothers. Let’s stand proud, not in a boastful way, but recognizing that we are enough for our families…

…that everyday we give them our best, even if that best doesn’t measure up to our high (and often unrealistic) standards.
And when those accusatory thoughts try to whisper in your ear, tell them to shoosh.

My dad recently sent me a YouTube video via text that made me cry. Perhaps it was what stirred the thoughts of celebration and started shifting my perspective on Mother’s Day.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, ladies! You are awesome and truly a SUPERHERO.


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