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Breaking Busy

This past November I received an email invitation to participate in a book launch just after I had decided to drown out some distractions (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, and reading) so I could focus on creating daily. I told myself I could not participate since I had just made the decision to not read for the month and I didn’t want to sabotage my goal and/or not fulfill the commitment for the book launch team. However, I couldn’t ignore the book title: Breaking Busy. If you read my last post, you understand why I simply could not ignore it.


I had never heard of the author, Alli Worthington (which I should have since I’m a big fan of Propel Women), but it didn’t take very long to feel like I was listening to an old chatty friend telling me about her journey in breaking the cycle of busy in her life.

I found myself laughing at her mishaps as she described her crazy busy life (her before), and I also nodded in agreement as I went through each chapter, because although not the same, her journey reads VERY similar to mine. It gave me a bit of relief, like “Good! I know I’m not crazy but if I am, so is Alli. Haha.”

It’s funny how we find comfort in knowing there’s someone else out there that knows our struggle at some capacity and we aren’t at it alone.


While I’ve already broken my busy cycle and I’m available to live life freely and lightly, Alli is further along in the journey and has seen the fruit of her obedience to breaking busy at a higher level than I have (so far; I’ll get there soon enough!).

The honesty and rawness she uses to share about her struggles spoke deeply into my soul, yet her sense of humor brings a lightheartedness to the topic.

Breaking Busy covers many of the areas that can be a hindrance in breaking the busy cycle, areas I personally had to tackle in order to stop being so busy:

  • confronting destructive thoughts
  • cutting things out of my life
  • understanding the false beliefs leading me to say yes to the wrong things or getting me stuck in the “I should” mode.
  • and more

I wish this book had been available in 2014. It would have served as the perfect guide to making the hard decisions of saying no to good things to be available for the best, disappointing people, and understanding what was actually happening to me (no, I was not having a mid-life crisis and losing my mind). It’s hard explaining yourself when you’ve cut things out of your life without really having a plan for the “so, what next?” that well-meaning people ask.


When you make edits (as Alli refers to cutting things out of your life), it can feel very drastic and crazy and a bit scary entering the unknown. It’s easy to start believing that this season of entering into a new rhythm will not last. Dread can easily overtake your thoughts. It slowly crept into mine without realizing it until I read Breaking Busy.

Without spoiling the beauty of it, in chapter 5 Alli goes through Psalm 23 in such a refreshing way. It was exactly the words I needed to read at the right time because I had been living with an underlying sense of dread about the unknown of my journey ahead. I honestly think my hair was falling out because of it!

After I read that chapter I felt something click on the inside and I have been able to put away those fearful thoughts before they have a chance to make themselves at home in my mind.

I did not regret a minute spent reading Breaking Busy, despite my initial plan to not read. It also didn’t disrupt my daily creative time 😉

If you want to be fruitful, focused, and available to live out your destiny, you need this book. If you are overwhelmed with your pace of life, lacking peace because you’re crazy busy, or going through a transition like I’ve been, pre-order this book. You’ll thank me later.

Order before January 26th, 2016 and you’ll receive a copy of the Breaking Busy Guide. There’s nothing in it for me; I sincerely hope to see other women who are living like I was break out of that life-killing cycle and come out to learn how to really live, fully and freely and lightly.



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