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clouded journey

It was no surprise rising through the dark clouds as we jetted on our journey to the west. Visibility consisted of a dense cloud cover. Sort of like the cover we felt when this season of our life was first unfolding.

Had I simply listened, read my own words that were speaking to ME, that were birthed to guide me in a shift of perspective, perhaps I may have seen the beautiful truth sooner.

Her bath had wrapped up and she was now cuddled up beside me with her story Bible. I felt so at rest, soaking up her every little touch coming from her gentle little digits pressing against my arm.

We opened up to the story she had just learned that last Sunday morning. We went back because we wanted to know what happened before the walls came tumbling down in Jericho. As I was soothed by the sweet aroma of my freshly cleaned girl, the light of the words opened up my eyes to the perspective shift revelation.

He covered His people with a cloud by day. They didn’t move until the cloud moved. They didn’t know their next step but God was with them every step of the journey. He guided their steps.

And you might as well have hit me over the head with a Jericho brick for having missed the truth that surrounded me the entire time.

It was not simply fog. It was the cloud of God’s presence surrounding us, resting all around us. He’s been closer than we’ve known.

One step at a time, He seamlessly transitioned us from one to the next and the next, never fully disclosing the final destination.

But that doesn’t matter. Clarity is overrated when we have a vision of the One with us.

And a deep sigh of regret left from my chest as I wished I had recognized His close proximity sooner.

Nevertheless, the lesson is there for me and for you so we don’t forget because we are good at forgetting. But I want to be good at remembering.

Remembering that He is with me.

Remembering that He is trustworthy.

Remembering that His promises have no expiration date.

Remembering that He loves me so much that He hides me in His cloud because He loves to protect me while working out dreams for me that I have not even dreamt up yet.

If He gave us full disclosure, He knows we would sabotage His doings.

He knows us so well. He knows that if we see where he wants us to arrive as our destination, we will look at where we are and the distance we must transverse and our wails will be HOW?!

Remember, you must let go of “how” when choosing to walk the unknown.

He knows that our limited minds have limited capacity and we would be completely consumed with our questioning instead of with our motion from one step to the other.

He knows that we get distracted with the details and might not move at all. He doesn’t want us to be paralyzed analyzing the enormity of what he is trying to accomplish in us and through us. Take note that it is He who is trying to accomplish it, not us.

He just needs us to cooperate with him. To move when he says move, and wait when he says wait. One single act of obedience after another.

His cloud works like a shield that is protecting us every step of the way so we might not lose our way even when we don’t know where exactly we are going. The cloud shields us from becoming bound to unbelief because our eyes cannot yet fully see.

And while we are moving not fully seeing, in the cloud He’s restoring our vision. He realigns our purpose with our originally intended purpose since the words for our creation were spoken.

The restorative work only occurs when we lift our eyes off ourselves and fix our eyes on Him, seek Him, draw close to Him, and search out with listening eyes and ears the secrets that He wants to share with us.

More than anything else we could see, He wants us to see Him.

We went east to west and back again and we remain in the foggy cloud. We still don’t know how.

We never imagined that we would be this close to crossing over, yet waiting for a door to open. We thought we’d go and come back with a clear date. Not so.

We are still walking in the unknown.

We are between a hard place and impossible, but we continue trusting because impossible is His specialty.

JohnApril 9, 2016 - 9:28 pm

I love how you paint our journey in words.

BeiraApril 12, 2016 - 8:58 pm


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