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Broken to Beautiful

We had sat on our bed with blank pages and the prompt to dream after reading a chapter in John and Lisa Bevere’s book The Story of Marriage. After ending the crazy busy in our lives we found ourselves searching for what it was we used to do with our free time. Reading marriage enrichment books had been a thing we did early in our married life. So sitting side by side in bed we filled page after page with our dreams, dreams to accomplish together and individually. As we inked our life vision across those pages, we discovered a deep desire to create art together.

I’m used to letting John bounce ideas off me as he is developing the concepts for his paintings. He asked for my thoughts on a new project, a mosaic, he was asked to create for GT’s New Normal series. We went back and forth conceptualizing the mosaic and you could feel the energy building in our car as we drove along I-176 with the kids in the back.

Why am I sharing all of this? Because yesterday I got to release a fulfilled dream. John and I created the mosaic side by side. Inspired by scripture in Revelation 21, we poured our hearts out and released that energy that had built up inside us to create the 4’x8′ mosaic “Broken to Beautiful”. Of all the creative projects I’ve ever completed, from personal photography projects to commissioned commercial work to sewing little dolls for my daughter, this by far was the most satisfying and fulfilling project I have ever completed. Getting to work on it with my best friend took it to a higher level. John feels the same way.

We were both greatly impacted by all of the stories that went into creating the piece and all of the individual ideas intertwined to convey a singular message: God takes our brokenness and makes beauty out of it.

While we created this artwork with love, we released it with hearts full of joy. We are humbled and honored to have been able to play a small part in God’s story.

This is only the beginning for John and I. We are super excited about the joint artistic endeavors that lie ahead!


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