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Hello and thank you for exploring my online home.

An artist, I love to share my creativity through photography and words. I am continually inspired by my family and enjoy capturing our life together. I have an amazing husband, and two equally amazing kids (whom I currently homeschool).

After working as a family portrait photographer for six years, in 2015 I decided to stop accepting portrait sessions. This change has afforded me the opportunity to slow down the pace and reduce the pressures of life so I could fully enjoy my everyday moments. I call it the year I learned to live in Jesus’ unforced rhythms of grace. In that time since, I have rediscovered passions and desires that had been hidden away by busyness. This space is now my place to fully share my art, whether it’s new images or life lessons I’m learning along my journey as an artist. As I share my art with you, I hope it will inspire you to create and live out your own art.

My style of photography is classic with a fresh perspective. I am drawn to the clean and simple. Most often I like to be a quiet observer behind the camera. My work was published as part of Sarah Wilkerson’s Capture the Moment: The Modern Photographer’s Guide to Finding Beauty in Everyday and Family Life. I have been a guest blogger on the Clickin Moms blog where I’ve shared photography tips I’ve learned along the way.

My family and friends say I’m a little bit crunchy; I prefer to say I like things simple.  I like to sew when I get a burst of inspiration for a specific project, mostly sewing dolls for my daughter. I love the gratification of a finished product made by hand. As I’ve developed a deep passion for whole food and clean ingredients, gardening became a natural addition to my life. Gardening has taken a back seat for the 2016 season as our family makes the adjustments to living in the high desert of Oregon.


You can connect with me further by following me on Instagram: @beirab.


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