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pretty | reading pa and berks county baby photographer

Oh how pretty she is!  Miss Ruby was so content sitting and taking in her surroundings this afternoon.  I am sure the stillness will not last long as she discovers the thrill of crawling (and walking) around, but we enjoyed it for today.

I just LOVE her grin!

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two|reading and berks county children’s photographer

Meet my son, Micah.  He just turned two years old on August 21st and I am still adjusting to the idea…seriously, I don’t know how the past year went by so quickly.  It feels like just a few days ago we were celebrating his first birthday.  Now he is a big boy, and he really takes it to heart in all he does–he is very independent!  He has an amazing personality and kind heart.  He is very fast too!

My new favorite image of Micah!  This is so him:)

Waving to the strangers walking by…he loves to meet new people and always greets them with “hi!”

Two of his favorites: cars (anything with wheels on it is a “car”) and his buddy Bernie

Now let’s hope this next year doesn’t go as fast!….I can always hope, right?

messy!|reading and berks county baby photographer

Shane definitely fit the call for getting messy.  He is one of the happiest one-year-olds I have ever met…and he was very excited when we put a cake in front of him!  He did not waste any time in getting right into the cake and enjoying some sweetness.

After a quick bath, we headed to the park where he had plenty of smiles to share.

You wouldn’t even know that he was fighting an ear infection…I think he was winning:)Shane,  I hope you are feeling better.

MariaSeptember 2, 2009 - 11:10 pm

These are so great Beira! Love the cake smash and the last one. How precious!

love the new blog too 🙂

patiently waiting…|reading pa maternity photographer

…for baby #2 to make her grand entrance.  Can you believe that Hayley is 31 weeks along?!  Her belly is teeny tiny and I had to keep asking her, “could you push it out…more!”  We decided to not wait for her to be further along to do her session because baby #1 was born a few weeks early and we didn’t want to miss capturing her beautiful bump this time around.  I don’t think she can look any better!

BetsyJuly 24, 2009 - 10:57 am

Absolutely beautiful pictures!

HayleyJuly 24, 2009 - 7:42 pm

Beira, I had a great time with you that day! You are an awesome photographer and made it look so easy. Thank you!

NicoleAugust 15, 2009 - 4:50 pm


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candyland | berks county child photographer

As much as the board game is a hit with kids, the real-life board game is a bigger hit!  Little M’s 2nd birthday party was just that.  What impressed me the most was that the kids didn’t need any instructions when they arrived…they just knew to walk along the path.  I think the birthday girl enjoyed every minute of candyland, but she was the true sweetness of the party:)M-G family, thank you for having me on the guest list.  I had a fabulous time capturing the party!

GJuly 20, 2009 - 12:17 pm

wow…good job beira…im impressed

[…] to be invited to Miss M’s 3rd birthday party.  Last year her parents threw a really fun candyland-themed birthday party and I was there to enjoy it.  I knew that her parents would be planning the perfect party for M […]