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Roots | Letting Go

Last summer as we walked through the garden, John encouraged me to clear out some sick pumpkin vines to avoid losing theView full post »

from east to west | part 3

Read and look at Part 1 and Part 2 of my family’s cross country move. Part 3: drive through Grand Teton NationalView full post »

from east to west | part 2

Read and look at part 1 of my family’s cross country move  Part 2: Yellowstone National Park where we visited forView full post »

from east to west | part 1

It’s taken me two months since moving to get to this! It feels somewhat like old news and too late to share butView full post »


I introduced my family to the Ungame in hopes of diminishing competition and encouraging the art of listening. I hadView full post »

it’s happening

How silly of me to have thought that He’d hand over control before final landing. All along He wanted ourView full post »

clouded journey

It was no surprise rising through the dark clouds as we jetted on our journey to the west. Visibility consisted of aView full post »


We spread out our picnic blanket that lived in the back of the car all summer long. We placed it over deep green grassView full post »

Borderless Extravagance

I slipped on my cozy boots and warmest coat, and exited the house to round the neighborhood as I exhaled the cares ofView full post »


After John and I made ourselves available by clearing out our overcrowded schedules, I thought we had it all figuredView full post »

Breaking Busy

This past November I received an email invitation to participate in a book launch just after I had decided to drown outView full post »

when busy almost broke me

When people ask you how you are, does “I’m so busy” roll off your tongue without second thought? HaveView full post »

breaking silence

It has been exactly fourteen months since I shared anything on this space. There were so many times that I wanted to sitView full post »

father and children at beach

berks county fine art photographer | foggy

“Please get the kids up while I go get some coffee going. I really need some coffee this morning” whisperedView full post »

berks county family photographer | celebrate

As my head sinks into my pillow at night, I often find myself having a mental replay of my day. What often comes to mindView full post »